Fire Street Gold


We’re starting something new here at Fire Street…. we are giving away FREE Fire Street Pizza.

Seriously! We call it “Fire Street Gold”.

Every one of these gold coins that you find can be traded in for one delicious Fire Street Pizza
right off the menu. That is, if you can find them!

Now, I know what you guys might be thinking: how am I ever gonna find these things?

But it’s super simple. We’re gonna send you on a scavenger hunt…  and you already have everything you could possibly need to find them … on your phone.

We’ll be posting hints on all of our Fire Street social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so all you have to do is follow along and look for the clues. We’ll be hiding these constantly,  so keep checking for new clues!

Don’t have time for a city wide hunt? No worries!

Every day we’re open we are gonna be hiding three gold coins outside on the grounds of Fire Street Pizza.

So the earlier you get here the better chance you’re gonna have of finding some Fire Street Gold.

So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and look for the Fire Street Gold hash tag #firestreetgold

Check out the Fire Street Pizza Facebook page now to find the latest search location!

Happy Hunting!