Fire Street Pizza 
10310 FM 439  Belton,TX 76513 
(512) 910-4676
Fire Street Pizza
10310 FM 439
BeltonTX 76513
 (512) 910-4676
  • Frequently Asked Questions



  • 1) Can I make a reservation?


    Because we are a first come first serve restaurant, and we don’t have a private party seating, we do not take reservations or offer call ahead ordering for group orders. All groups have to be treated as walk-in customers.

    Because it gets very busy between 6-9pm on Fridays and Saturdays we ask that groups arrive outside of those times. Even so, no matter the day or time of arrival, we cannot guarantee space for groups, as much as we'd like to.

  • 2) Can I bring a large group?


    Yes-ish. We cannot guarantee together seating or space for groups, as much as we'd like to. Please note that we are a restaurant with first-come, first-serve seating which makes each of our seats to be used for a dining customer (food or bar customers). An example, no, groups cannot come in and take up seating with non-dining guests while a meeting is being held.

    For groups over 10 people we do ask that the coordinator contact us prior to coming out. While we still cannot guarantee space, we can chat with you to see if there are options for accommodating your needs or if we will have to (unfortunately) not be a fit for your group’s needs.

    All groups have to be treated as walk-in customers. This applies to corporate, hail & farewells, birthdays and graduation parties, just to name a few. Please give us more information about your needs in advance.

    Depending on the day and size of the group, we may Not be a fit. And as much as we want to accommodate, please give us more information in advance so that we can determine if we can accommodate or not. Making sure that everyone has a great time is top of our list!

  • 3) Can I send someone early to hold a table(s)?

    Sorry, table holding is not allowed as seating has to remain accessible to all walk-in customers as they arrive.
  • 4) Do you cater?

    We do not offer catering services at this time. Hope to have more info as catering service become available.
  • 5) Can I rent your place on a day that you're closed for a private party?

    Currently, we're not able to rent the facility out during our off days as the kitchen is preparing food for the weekend and kitchen space is limited.
  • 6) Can we rent your food truck for an event?

    We are unable to open the food truck for private events at this time. Our food truck is not running at this time as we are focusing on the restaurant.
  • 7) Ever thought about expanding to help with space and wait times?

    We've definitely thought about it, however we are on a private septic facility and the health department has only rated us for a limited number of people and space, so unfortunately, this is big as we can get.
  • 8) Have you thought about opening another location?

    Definitely in the works.... more info as it develops.
  • 9) Call in pickup orders?

    Yes! We do allow call-in orders for pickup. However, during heavy volume times we will pause call in ordering as our kitchen needs to focus on dine-in customers.
  • 10) Do you deliver?

    We currently have a 3rd party delivery service with WAITR. Download the WAITR app in the app store and search for “Fire Street Pizza” - must be within delivery service area to get service.
  • 11) Can I call and put my order in early for our group?

    Sorry, we are first come, first serve, all groups have to be treated as walk in customers as to avoid choking the kitchen for current customers.
  • 12) Can I bring a cake / cupcakes for a birthday party?

    Yes, that is the one outside food that we will allow, however we cannot provide storage or serving items.
  • 13) How do I get a gift card?

    Easy, just come in and order at the register.
  • 14) Do you have gluten free options?

    We have a gluten free crust option that can be applied to all pizzas. However, the pizza will not be gluten free as your pizza will experience some cross contamination with flour in the make space, so those with a heavy gluten allergy will need to be advised that while our crusts are gluten free, the final product will only be gluten reduced.
  • 15) Do you have a low carb crust?

    Our pizza ovens fire at 900 degrees, and we have yet to find a low carb option that can stand the heat! We’ll keep working on it.
  • 16) Do you offer Vegan / Paleo options?

    Sorry, not at this time.
  • 17) Can we bring in outside food or alcohol?

    Sorry, no. Unless its your child’s bottle, no outside beverage containers.
  • 18) Can I just let my kids run unattended?

    Sorry, for the safety of everyone, we ask all parents to attend to their children as we are a restaurant, not a park or playground. There continues to be property destruction due to unattended children and we ask all parents to help us avoid those situations by minding their kids. Thank you.
  • 19) Are you dog / pet friendly?

    Due to a growing number of incidents involving pets, we have regrettably made the decision to not allow any pets on site other than service dogs. We had allowed pets at one time, however due to uncontrolled barking, pets being unleashed and/or unsupervised, bites & attacks, animals fighting, and owners not cleaning after their pets, we have made the decision not to allow them in the spirit of safety to our customers and children. Service dogs are allowed for those with disabilities, however ‘emotional support’ pets of any kind are not allowed on site. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 20) Can I bring extra chairs for my group?

    Sorry, our seating capacity is fixed and bringing extra seating is not allowed.
  • 21) How do I apply to work at fire Street?

    Please submit your work history or resume and 2 professional references to
  • 22) What are your busiest times?

    It gets very busy between 6-9pm on Fridays and Saturdays we ask that larger groups arrive outside of those times.
  • 23) Do you offer discounts for seniors and military?

    Sorry, not at this time.
  • 24) Can I bring in my own toppings?

    (Yes, we get this often.) We're sorry, no, as our health department license only allows us to serve food that has been prepared in our kitchen.
  • 25) Do you carry any domestic beers?

    Sorry, we just concentrate on craft beer crafted by local brewers.
  • 26) How do I know if you're about to sell out?

    We try to post here on Facebook when we are anticipating a sell out or if we have already sold out. That is the best lead time we have as we can never gauge business volume before hand. We make a limited quantity of food, as much as our kitchen can hold, and when we're out, we're out. *26) How can I guarantee that you won't be sold out?* See above. Also, our slowest days are Thursdays and Sundays and we rarely see sell outs on these days.
  • 27) How can I guarantee that you won't be sold out?

    See above. Also, our slowest days are Thursdays and Sundays and we rarely see sell outs on these days.